Beyond Fundamentals

The follow-up course for presenting, pitching, and interviewing in the real-world.

Enrollment Closed!

Only 6 spots available!

if you’d like us to open a 2nd cohort

March 6th - April 14th

Every Monday and Friday at
  • 7:30am - 9:00am PDT (Cohort A)
  • 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT (Cohort B)

    Please review your timezone.

What is Beyond Fundamentals?

Beyond Fundamentals is a 6-week follow-up course that transfers your Fundamentals into real-world skills.

You’ll learn interview techniques, craft elevator pitches, and deliver speeches without notes.

It’s a highly-personalized experience limited to 6 students. Join coaches Shelley and Santosh for new games where the challenge is on and the training wheels are off!

Fundamentals helped you develop skills and encouraged you to do lots of reps and practice in pods and Dailys. Beyond Fundamentals focus is on the content and how the skills apply to work-related scenarios. Beyond encourages practice outside of the pods. The mission of Beyond is to advance your skills and put them to the test, in real life, on the job, where the pressure is legit. Beyond is for determined Ultraspeakers. It is an application course for those who are committed to self-practice and ready for the next level of training in pursuit of their speaking journey. This 6-week follow-up course will help you apply the Fundamentals into common professional skills including:
  • introducing yourself
  • pitching ideas
  • giving presentations & speeches
  • interviewing well
. . . and more. You’ll practice saying more with less, focus on effective storytelling, and get reps in scenarios that matter most to you.

It was an eye-opening experience and exactly what I needed to transfer my skills to the real world.

Kate Moser, BF Graduate

6 weeks of intensive training

6 weeks of
intensive training

Week 1: The Intro

Make us remember you. Learn to introduce yourself in meaningful and memorable ways. 

Week 2: The Pitch

Nobody wants to be sold. Learn to craft a pitch that leaves people wanting more.

Week 3: The Interview Host

Asking questions is an art. Learn the keys to spark fascinating conversations on-the-fly.

Week 4: The Interview Guest

It’s show time. Learn to respond in remarkable ways for podcasts, interviews, and dinner parties.

Week 5: The Presentation

Make an impact. Use the bow & arrow technique to drive a clear point for longer and longer talks.

Week 6: The Speech

The floor is yours. The stakes are higher and the time is longer. What will you do with it?

You get a ton of constructive feedback from two coaches, and it’s been so worth it! 

Jenny Le, BF Graduate

Ready to go beyond?


12 sessions

90 Minutes each Monday
60 Minutes each Friday


January 23rd - March 3rd

Every Monday and Friday at
  • 7:30am - 9:00am PDT (Cohort A)
  • 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT (Cohort B)
Please review your timezone.


6 alumni led by 2 coaches



Enrollment Closed!

if you’d like us to open a 2nd cohort!

If you're looking to go deeper and apply what you've learned into real-world scenarios, this is the place for you.

Beyond Fundamentals helped me become more succinct with my responses, tighten my storytelling using pillars and learn how to deliver speeches without notes.

Tanya de Peiza, BF Graduate

Enrollment is full!

if you’d like us to open a 2nd cohort!

Enrollment Opens December 13th!

Only 6 spots available!

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