Aurélie Brisac Learning Director at Green Dot Public Schools

“Tristan and Michael came to give classes to our seniors this year and ALL students were ASTONISHED by the growth of their communication skills.”  

Dan Akers Academy-Award winning VFX Supervisor 

"A huge thank you to Michael and Tristan, who helped me inspire 2000 people at SIGGRAPH, the world's largest conference in computer graphics." 

Margalit Grunberger Founder, Gotcha Covered

"Tristan and Michael literally changed the way I think, feel and speak into the world. Thank you!" 

Michael Holt Founder, Holt for Humanity

"Your guidance was invaluable. Our work together provided clarity into what I am about, and how to communicate my philosophy to the audience more powerfully." 

Margaret Spence President, C. Douglas & Associates, Inc.

"Your coaching is life-altering. It’s a monumental shift, and I want to say how grateful I am." 

Mukunda Pedugonde Director of Program Management, Hulu

"Engineers are speaking up like never before. Your training has done wonders to my team's collaboration." 

Phi-Anh Nguyen Founder, La Petite Agence

"Tristan and Michael helped me prepare pitching French books to Hollywood Producers. Thanks to their innovative approach, I was able to deliver speeches with confidence and conviction." 

Anna Huwiler Leadership Coach, Davos Switzerland

"I feel like I've never felt before in my life. Thank you for making me see and embrace all of my incredible power." 

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