Ultraspeaking Fundamentals

A 30-day course to learn a better way of speaking.

There's a better way of speaking

It happens when you're not stressed.

Stress, anxiety and nervousness can be eliminated by changing the way your brain delivers information to you in the moment.

It happens when you're not scripted.

Memorization interrupts the natural flow of conversation and can be replaced by practicing more authentic style of speaking.

It happens when you're not thinking.

Thinking clouds your clarity in the moment, which can be improved by staying present to ideas beyond the mind.

Ultraspeaking Fundamentals gives you the foundation
for the rest of your life.

Ultraspeaking Fundamentals gives you the foundation
for the rest of your life.

Concepts covered in this course


Contrast is key
for engagement


Creativity exists
beyond thought

One Thing

Saying less gives
more clarity


Mistakes can lead
to connection


Pausing adds


Instinct exists
for a reason


Letting go can lead
to even more control


What you say
to yourself matters


Spontaneity happens
in the moment

See what students are saying

"The games were mind-blowing...
It's pretty amazing the breakthroughs that can come in just one short session"

Ali R.

"I notice that I trust myself more...
I get less nervous automatically."

Ashlid H.

"This training is one of the best trainings in public speaking in the world."

Santosh Y.


"The games were mind-blowing… It’s pretty amazing the breakthroughs that can come in just one short session."

Ali R.

"I notice that I trust myself more… I get less nervous automatically."

Ashlid H.

"This training is one of the best trainings in public speaking in the world."

Santosh Y.


What results can you expect?

Here are the top 6 most common results from our students

has become easier

I feel more clarity
when speaking

I feel a boost
in self-confidence.

I trust myself more.

My brain feels sharper.

Speaking has become
more enyojable.

How it works

Join 15 students

You’ll be led by 5 coaches over a full month.

Meet 3x per week

You’ll learn new skills
in small groups.

Practice daily

You’ll get free access to Ultraspeaking apps & daily trainings for two months ($198 value).

November 10th - December 17th

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 9:45am PDT (no classes Nov 24 - 26)

After 30 days
speaking will never
feel the same.

After 30 days
speaking will never
feel the same.

I have seen a number of speaking professionals at some of the top business schools and consulting firms; Tristan and Michael are in another league.

Murilo Loureiro, Director of FBA at Amazon

Meet the Coaches

Meet the

In learning a new skill, there is no substitute for a group of 5
highly skilled coaches leading your way.

Tristan de Montebello

Head Coach

Co-founder Ultraspeaking

In 2017, with Michael as his coach, Tristan became the fastest competitor in history to reach the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking. He is on a mission to help people transform their approach to learning, speaking, and living a fully-expressed life.

Michael Gendler
Head Coach

Co-founder Ultraspeaking

Michael struggled with self-confidence his entire life until he discovered a way of speaking that does not rely on preparation. His approach draws on principles from philosophy, improv, and freestyle rapping to help people improve their performance in high-stakes scenarios.

Emmy Sobieski
Assistant Coach

Investor, Nutritionist, Athlete

Emmy spent her 25 year investing career "behind the camera", as an analyst.  She had great stories locked inside her, but her analytical brain would take over.  Learning to Speak Before You Think! unleashed her true authentic self!

Mark Bossert
Assistant Coach

Son, father, husband, grandfather

Mark is a dedicated lifelong learner, interested in overcoming limits. Having been deathly afraid of and limited by public speaking, he found the speaking games of Ultraspeaking. The resulting fun and amazing speed of improvement led to wanting to share with others.

Benjamin Lee
Assistant Coach

Minister and Life Coach

Benjamin went from 11-years of writing sermon outlines and memorizing them, to eliminating them completely in a few months thanks to Ultraspeaking. With this newfound freedom, he’s now focused on helping others see what’s possible.

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Join 15 students over 30 days

the waitlist


November 10th - December 17th


Tue, Wed, and Thurs from 9am - 9:45am PST
(no classes Nov 24 - 26)


15 live training sessions over 5 weeks




15 students

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Yes, you will receive an early enrollment link 24 hours before the course is officially open for registration.

Enrollment officially opens on Tuesday October 27th at 8am PST.

Enrollment officially closes at 11:59pm PST on November 6th or when 15 students register for the course — whichever happens first.

Course enrollment typically fills up within 3-4 hours after registration opens.

Absolutely. If you’re like most people, you tend to struggle with speaking mainly when the pressure rises. That’s why in this course, we train exclusively under pressure. We use Ultraspeaking games to simulate challenging scenarios and coach you to navigate them with ease. Over the course of 30 days, you put in hundreds of reps speaking in situations that used to feel uncomfortable. By the end, you develop both a comfort and a toolkit to gracefully handle even the most difficult moments in speaking.

Missing a class isn’t a big deal. You can always request a recording to re-watch the class you missed. Your tuition also covers two months of live daily trainings, so you have daily opportunities to apply what you’re learning.

Since enrollment is limited to 15 students, we aren’t able to issue refunds after the enrollment period ends. With that said — if you attend all the classes, participate fully, and are still unsatisfied with the course — you can let us know by email and we’ll process your refund in full.

Each session opens with a short demonstration of an Ultraspeaking technique. Then, the students are divided into small breakout rooms to put this technique into practice. Each room has three students and one Ultraspeaking coach guiding you through the day’s lesson plan. You will put in multiple speaking reps and be coached on both your strengths and breakthrough areas. Each session ends with a recap of insights and student demonstrations in front of the class.

You’ll see the signs. You’ll find yourself being more spontaneous. You’ll feel more interesting. Your intuition will strengthen. Your inner critic will soften. You’ll break the habit of losing confidence whenever you make a mistake. You’ll feel more comfortable taking pauses. You’ll have an easier time expressing yourself. You’ll prepare less and spend more time enjoying the feeling of being put on the spot. You’ll feel less nervous and more satisfied with your performance in the moment. And it will all feel natural.

This course is for individuals who want to improve the way they speak in front of people. It’s designed to help you prepare less and express yourself better when giving a presentation, leading a meeting, or going out on a date.

A lot of our students have English as their second (or third) language. Interestingly, we’ve noticed that Ultraspeaking games actually **improve English** **fluency** for people. This is because each game is designed to help you access flow in speaking. When you’re in flow, you hesitate less and trust yourself more. As a result, your words come more easily.

We’re happy to answer it! Email us at coaching@ultraspeaking.com

Enrollment is Closed.

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