Speak Before You Think! is a card game for people who think too much. It is designed to help people speak more effectively in high-stakes scenarios.

  • transform the way you tell stories
  • boost your Q&A skills
  • improve your pitches and presentations
  • sharpen your thinking under pressure  
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"It's like Cards Against Humanity for public speaking"

- Vince Luciani, Founder of The Legacy Coaching

4 games in 1 box

Experience the conductor!

Get out of your head and into flow! Relinquish your energy and watch your words come to life. Designed to transform the way you tell stories.  

Explore your brain's autocomplete feature!

Discover your new favorite superpower! Hone your intuition and think strategically under pressure. Designed to boost your ability to answer difficult questions on-the-spot.

Unleash your idea juggler!

Become a master of spontaneity! Steer your train of thought to juggle incoming ideas on-the-fly. Designed to sharpen your focus and quicken your thinking.

Unlock your metaphorical mind!

Stop explaining and start engaging! Unleash your creativity and free your imagination. Designed to forever change the way you pitch concepts and present ideas.

"This game will change your life."

- Giovanni Bartolomeo, Founder of Elemental Wellness

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  • 4 games
  • 25 autocomplete cards
  • 30 analogy cards
  • 70 topic cards
  • 21 write-in-your-own cards

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