Speak Before You Think!
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Training Your Brain to Find Freedom in Speaking

Welcome to Speak Before You Think!

This game was created to help you strengthen the skills necessary to speak under pressure.

Each of the mini-games is designed to transform the way you tell stories, present ideas, pitch concepts, and answer difficult questions.

But this isn't just a game on speaking. The more you play, the more you'll improve your ability to approach challenges, handle uncertainty, and embrace spontaneity in your life.

We hope you enjoy playing as much as we do! Have fun and stay in touch,
Tristan and Michael

Explore the Games!

Discover your new superpower!

Hone your intuition and speak confidently without preparation. Playing this game strengthens your ability to answer difficult questions on-the-spot.


Unlock your metaphorical mind!

Accelerate your on-the-spot creativity and seamlessly connect ideas on the fly. Playing this game strengthens your ability to present complex information in simple terms.

Rapid Fire

Harness the power of silence!

Gain greater control over your content. Playing this game strengthens your ability to think clearly, recover gracefully, and access new ideas on the fly.

The Breath

Become a master of spontaneity!

Sharpen your focus and quicken your thinking. Playing this game strengthens your ability to speak effectively while juggling multiple trains of thought.

Triple Step

Upgrade your presentation skills!

Expand your creativity and test your confidence under pressure. Playing this game strengthens your ability to speak effective while simultaneously thinking outside the box.


Add musicality to your speaking!

Expand your range and bring your words to life. Playing this game strengthens your ability to present dynamically and engage your audience.

The Conductor

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