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  • Feel natural and spontaneous on stage
  • Enjoy a stress-free creative process

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"Our speakers were transformed beyond our wildest expectations."

SEVERINE MADINIER Head of Film and TV, Consulate of France

The 5-Step UltraSpeaking Method

This is the same method that propelled Tristan to reach the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking in record time.

Top artists, creatives, military personnel, students, athletes, managers, sales professionals, VPs, C-level executives, founders, and more have used this method to craft and deliver the best speeches of their careers.

"Michael and Tristan are public speaking Jedis"

AFDHEL AZIZ Keynote Speaker - Best Selling Author

The 5-Step Method in Detail

Phase 1: The Message

  • Identify the core message and intent of your speech.
  • Create the emotional arc of your narrative.


Phase 2: The Stories

  • Select your most impactful stories, anecdotes, and examples.
  • Apply world-class storytelling techniques to bring your message to life.
  • Add humor, personality, and depth to your storytelling.


Phase 3: The Delivery 

  • Start memorizing with ease using the pillars approach.
  • Practice being natural and spontaneous in your delivery.
  • Integrate slides, or as we call it, the crackling fire.


Phase 4: The Rehearsal

  • Build the skill and confidence to deliver your entire speech at a moment's notice.
  • Hone your body language, stage presence, and vocal variety.
  • Perform a mock-delivery in front of an audience to simulate the big day.  

Phase 5: The Stage

  • Energize your mind and body into peak state.
  • Go through your pre-game ritual.
  • Get ready to give the best speech of your career. 

"This was a game changer."


Our Packages

Our goal is to get you to the best speech of your career in as few hours as needed.

Those who have seen you speak before - your boss, your team, your friends, your partner - will be blown away. And so will your audience.

Package 0: The Consultation

  • Strengthen the flow and impact of your narrative.
  • 2 hours over video call.
  • Often used for and building the message and story arc of a new speech.  


Package 1: The Fast-Approaching Deadline  

  • When you don't have a lot of time, but need to ace your speech.  
  • 4 ninety-minute sessions (a mix of in-person and video calls).
  • Often used for weddings, investor pitches, founder stories, and holiday parties. 


Package 2: The Speech With A Big Audience

  • Building the speech that changes everything for you or your company.
  • 8 ninety-minute sessions (a mix of in-person and video calls).
  • Often used for conference speeches, TEDx talks, and keynotes.

Package 3: The Talk You'll Give Over and Over

  • For longer keynotes that you plan on using on multiple different occasions.
  • However many sessions it takes.
  • Often used for professional speeches, competitions, and high-end conferences.


"The feedback was incredible. After the presentation, in person, and on Instagram. The organizers loved it too. They immediately asked to bring me back to the next one."

BLAKE PINSKER Director of Marketing - MVMT

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