Virtual team building that is productive, fun, and filled with laughter.

🎲 Innovative Games ⌛️ 60-90 min sessions 👥 Teams of all sizes


"A phenomenal mix of training, comedy, and team bonding."
Rose Fernandez, CEO of Algenist

How It Works

UltraSpeaking’s virtual team building strengthens connection within remote teams, improves communication between cross-functional teams, and connects new hires to their teams and coworkers.

This session uses innovative speaking games to help teams deepen their trust in one another in a safe yet growth-oriented environment.

These games improve key skills related to active listening, giving feedback, and clear communication.

With playfulness and storytelling at the forefront, team members leave feeling more heard, more understood, more energized, and more connected to one another.

Productive Play

“Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.” - Albert Einstein

The Blindfolded Slideshow 📈

You’re about to give the best presentation of your life . . . using slides you’ve never seen before!


Learning Objective: Think more creatively and learn to speak more confidently on the spot

Investor's Son

You’re pitching to an investor, but she sends her 12-year-old son instead!

Learning Objective: Improve pitching skills and learn to simplify complex ideas into relatable terms

Sponsored Host

You’re a talk show host having to integrate your sponsor’s products into your monologue on the fly!

Learning Objective: Speak concisely and learn to avoid rambling when thinking on the fly

The Multi-Headed Podcast 🎙🎙🎙

You and your team members have to improvise a podcast by finishing each other's . . .

Learning Objective: listen actively to your team members and build on their ideas in the moment

The Conductor 🎭

You’re about to give an important speech . . . but the conductor’s in charge of your energy, volume, and pace!

Learning Objective: present more dynamically in a virtual setting and learn to be more engaging

The Conference Expert 😅

The original speakers didn't show, so you and your team members are asked to fill in at the last minute!

Learning Objective: use storytelling on the fly to illustrate a key message more effectively

Your team will experience


Innovative games designed to foster meaningful and collaborative interactions within teams.


Expert speaking coaches lead every session to help people better express themselves.


Tons of laughter comes from spontaneity. Team members will leave feeling more present, energized, and focused.

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"Great team building experience and so much fun!"
Allesandra Vincent, Sales Manager at Neuro