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Team workshops to improve leadership through public speaking

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Every team is different.

Workshops vary based on your goals, availability, and group size. We work closely with you to create a program tailored to your specific business objectives. 

Workshops range from 3-hour seminars to multi-day trainings and are designed for teams, departments, or senior leadership.

"Our people can't stop talking about it."

- Jen Miller, COO of Blur Studio

"The skills taught in this workshop are essential to developing rising talent." 

- Bill Webster, CEO of ACGLA

Our workshops can help.

Our workshops offer practical solutions to help team members and leaders achieve greater confidence in their ability to communicate under pressure.

A typical workshop includes:  

  • A strategy session to identify business objectives and organizational needs
  • A keynote to demystify the foundational principles of effective communication in leadership
  • Hot seat coaching to demonstrate the impact of essential speaking techniques
  • Breakout groups with our Speak Before You Think!™ training tool to integrate key learnings
  • An interactive Q&A session to address individual focus areas

"A phenomenal mix of training, comedy, and team bonding."

- Rose Fernandez, CEO of Algenist

A more engaging way to learn.

Using our Speak Before You Think!™ training tool, each workshop features various games and exercises designed to teach key areas of effective communication in high-stakes scenarios.

  • Experience the conductor and transform the way you tell stories.
  • Explore your brain’s autocomplete feature to boost your Q&A skills.
  • Unleash your idea juggler to sharpen how you think under pressure.
  • Unlock your metaphorical mind to improve your pitches and presentations.

Improve skills that matter.

Speaking Up in High-Stakes Meetings

Building skill and confidence in sharing your thoughts and ideas in high-stakes scenarios.

Storytelling in Business

Learning effective storytelling to improve your pitches, proposals, and presentations.

Presenting Under Pressure

Practicing techniques to clarify your ideas under pressure to boost the impact of your message.

A company-wide ripple effect.

After taking this workshop:

  • Individuals speak up with more clarity and confidence under pressure.
  • Teams connect deeper and experience a newfound level of interpersonal communication. 
  • Leaders embody a more confident style of leadership.
  • Meetings become more fun, engaging, and collaborative.
  • Companies project a stronger image in their pitches, presentations, and outside interactions.

"It was a fantastic experience. Something I'll never forget."

- Derik Mills, CEO of Glo.com

Teams that speak better perform better.

Discover the workshop that's right for your organization