We believe effective communication can change the world.  

Our mission is to inspire global action on today's most important ideas.  

Our superpower is ultralearning.

Our secret weapon is you.

A chance meeting between Tristan, an ultra-learner, and Michael, a public speaking coach, turned into a wild journey that took Tristan from zero public speaking experience to the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking. Unlike most contestants who train for the competition year-round, Tristan started his training just 2 weeks before the competition started.

But with his unconventional approach to learning, Tristan accelerated past 30,000 competitors and eventually found himself standing among the top 10 speakers in the world. 

Through this journey, Tristan and Michael realized they had a calling to combine the best ultra-learning techniques in the world with the art of public speaking. They founded UltraSpeaking to help spread the power of effective communication to the world's activists, thought-leaders, and change-makers.  

People we've worked with

Jordyn Weiber, Olympic Gymnast Helping redefine success for young leaders

"Through my coaching experience, I discovered an even deeper meaning to my Olympic story."

Afdhel Aziz, Author "Good is the New Cool" Helping inspire purpose across the world 

"Tristan & Michael have helped me take my speaking to an exponentially better level and I can’t thank them enough."

Andrew Parr, Professional Golfer and Performance Coach Helping athletes evolve beyond their perceived limits.

"Tristan and Michael didn't just help me think bigger...they transformed the way I communicate my thoughts."

Megha Desai, President, Desai Foundation Helping cultivate dignity into social change 

"Tristan and Michael taught me so much about what I am capable of. THANK YOU FOR THAT. You have no idea."

Hana Mayeda, Fashion Model Helping empower beauty and authenticity in women

"Because of Michael and Tristan, I know I can answer any question, on or off camera, with confidence and creativity.

Organizations we've worked with

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