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Everyone has a story.

This is ours.

When Michael Gendler was twenty-one years old, he humiliated himself in a high-stakes meeting.  

As the story goes, Michael developed a deep hunger to redeem himself. He Googled how to be more confident and started working on his public speaking. He trained for years, never skipping a week. 

One day Michael met Tristan de Montebello, who loved experimenting with new ways of learning.

Tristan showed Michael a smarter way to train. Speak more often. Raise the pressure. Ask for more feedback. Be more uncomfortable. 

They started training together and soon entered The World Championship of Public Speaking.  

They practiced daily and watched old tapes of past competitions. After six months of grueling competition, they arrived together to Vancouver for the semifinal round. Michael sat in the audience as Tristan walked on stage in a navy blue suit and bright red socks. He started speaking and immediately left other competitors in the dust. Tristan won by a landslide and became the fastest competitor in history to reach the Finals.

Since then, Michael and Tristan have been on a mission to help people transform their ability to speak under pressure. 

They founded UltraSpeaking in 2017 and have since coached the world's top athletes, creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to speak more effectively in the moments that matters most. In 2019, Tristan and Michael launched Speak Before You Think!™, a card-based training tool to help people perform better in high-stakes scenarios. They do most of their coaching together in Los Angeles, CA. 

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