You speak better without thinking!

Access your brain's autocomplete function to unlock the brilliance of your subconscious mind

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Speaking is a flow-oriented process in which your words, your body, and your gestures organically sync together into a well-oiled machine.

Thinking about speaking breaks the machine. That’s why we need a way to turn off the thinking brain and access flow when speaking.

Rapid Fire helps you do just that. 

Here is coach Benjamin playing Rapid Fire on INSANE mode:

Build trust in your brain

Rapid Fire is all about learning how to access your brain’s autocomplete function to unlock the brilliance of your subconscious mind.

It will help you learn to speak before you think in order to build greater trust, creativity, and spontaneity in the moment.

Here are a few more examples of Rapid Fire to get you inspired.

or check out the full learning platform

The Ultraspeaking Principles

The Experience

Train your brain the Ultraspeaking way with our online simulator.

Fast-paced sessions based on experience, not theory.

Interactive sessions designed specifically for virtual settings.

The Coaches

Ultraspeaking coaches meet you where you are.

Rather than lecture, they create ways for you to discover insights for yourself.

They tackle the root of speaking, so that your desired results unfold naturally.

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