Better than speaking

Never lose your train of thought again

Train your ability to stay on topic and
manage distractions with the Triple Step Game

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Handling obstacles is a key skill in speaking. That’s why we created Triple Step.

This game is all about learning how to keep control of your train of thought while handling distractions on the fly. It’s that perfect antidote to stop rambling, recover from tangents, and avoid blanking.

Oh and it’s super fun.

Here are the founders of Ultraspeaking challenging each other to a competition of Triple Step Survival in a sauna! (Jump to minute 6 for some crazy skills)

Build a bulletproof brain

When we speak, we’re actually balancing multiple thoughts simultaneously. Often this chaos in our heads can make speaking difficult.

That’s why we train for it.

When you practice with distractions, nothing can throw you off course.

Here are a few more examples of Triple Step to get you inspired.

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