Breathing stops rambling

Breathing stops rambling

Often when speaking we feel a sense of hurry.  We get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. This can cause us to worry — and instead of taking a moment to pause — we feel anxious and speed up. The result leads to rambling.

Here’s how to solve this:

Every time you catch yourself worrying or feeling lost — stop speaking!

To practice:

1. When someone asks you a question, pause before answering.

2. When you suspect you might be rambling: take a breath.

The magic is in the out-breath.

When you take a breath there are two phases: in and out.

Out is the key to it all.

Notice the moment right after the out breath. For just a second, put every fiber of your focus onto your body. Feel your shoulders drop. Observe your energy relax.

By connecting with your body, you disconnect from the mind. Your brain resets. The rambling stops. The fog clears and the road emerges. You can see where you’re going again.

That’s because clarity comes from silence. And although silence doesn’t feel comfortable at first, it will with practice. The more time you spend in it, the more familiar it will become.

. . . 

(the Snowglobe game is a great way to train your pausing)

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