Musicality is about contrast

Musicality is about energy

Similar to great music, great speaking involves both slow and fast parts; quiet and loud sections; funny and serious moments.

The key is in the contrast.

The more you contrast your speed, volume, energy, and intensity, the more dynamic and engaging your speaking will be.

When energy leads, emotions follow, and words fill in the blank.

Just like our mood dictates our behavior, our energy dictates our speaking.

Think about the last time you got overly excited in a conversation.

Did you have trouble getting the words out? Or did they just flow out of you?

When you lead with energy, the words come effortlessly.

When you lead with energy, the words come effortlessly

When we allow ourselves to get angry, excited, passionate, melancholic or pensive . . . the words simply come in the moment.

That’s why the more you feel, the easier speaking becomes

Energy is a portal to new ideas

You know that person who always has something interesting to say?

It’s like they have a portal into original ideas, new thoughts, and an unlimited bank of memories. How do we create these portals for ourselves? Simple. We change energy levels.

Use energy as a portal into new ideas.

Picture each level of energy as a portal into exclusive original content.

Higher levels of energy are portals into fun, vivid, and exciting content.

Lower levels of energy are portals into deep, thoughtful, and meaningful content. And perhaps the most important portal is often the one we use the least: silence.

When you learn to enter different energies on command, you instantly gain access to new portals of creativity and inspiration.

That’s why those who master this skill never seem to run out of things to say.

March 1, 2022

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