Principles of Ultraspeaking

In Episode 2 of The Ultraspeaking Podcast (Apple | Spotify | Youtube) Tristan and I dive into the essential principles of Ultraspeaking.

In Episode 2 of The Ultras

These principles contain strategies to handle pressure, recover swiftly, and find flow in speaking.

Here’s a brief recap to take with you into the new year:

Principle #1: Speak Before You Think

When you wait too long, doubt will creep in. So trust your gut and start speaking.

As a famous improv teacher once noted: “Don’t wait for great ideas. Trust your first idea and make it great.”

Principle #2: Choose One Thing

What’s the one idea you want to be tattooed into people’s brain? That’s your One Thing. 

Navigating speaking gets easier when you have a north star to follow.

Principle #3: Breathe

Getting lost is a natural part of speaking. When in doubt, breathe. 

What was your One Thing again? Use the breath to reconnect to what matters most.

Principle #4: Feel What You Say

People don’t listen to words as much as they feel energy and intent.

Be sure to care deeply about what you say. That way, others will too.

Principle #5: End Strong

Doubt creeps in toward the end of speaking. Pay it no mind.

February 11, 2022

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The Ultraspeaking Principles

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