Break the anxiety cycle

Meet Ruby. (*name changed for privacy)

She’s a product manager with a big secret: speaking anxiety.

But nobody would suspect it.

She comes across as capable, poised, and confident to her boss and her co-workers.

However, what people don’t see is that Ruby works to the point of exhaustion. She never stops preparing for meetings. Her heart pounds at the thought of being put on the spot. 

Every day Ruby fears having a panic attack in front of her co-workers. She imagines how one moment could crumble her entire career. The thought of humiliation haunts her constantly.

Then one day, something terrible happens.

Ruby gets promoted.

Now she has to speak to senior leaders and present to entire departments. Her boss even asks her to say a few words at the next company-wide all hands.

All of a sudden her calendar explodes and she has no time to prepare for anything.

Ruby’s anxiety levels are through the roof.

The stakes are wild and the days are starting to feel unbearable.

Everybody congratulates Ruby on all her “success,” but deep down she fantasizes about quitting.

Life shouldn’t be this miserable . . . should it?

Break the anxiety cycle

Work is stressful for a lot of people. And stress bitters the taste of life.

Ruby is not alone. There are millions of people struggling with speaking anxiety. 

Most of them are suffering in secret.

We’d like that to change.

That’s why we hosted a special discussion on what it takes to overcome speaking anxiety.

We took questions, shared resources, and suggested training plans for the new year.

Here’s the link to watch the replay:

Watch for yourself or on behalf of a colleague. They’ll thank you for it.

February 10, 2021

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