You Speak Better When You Stop Thinking

We discovered a fascinating phenomenon: when you stop thinking, you speak better.
Here’s why.

The more present you are with yourself, the better you connect with others.

When you are present, you’re no longer caught up in worry, doubt, and self-criticism. With your attention no longer tied up in self-judgement, your mind is freed up to operate on instinct.
Suddenly, you become more open to flashes of inspiration. You can go off-script in favor of content that is more creative and impactful.
With every inspired path you follow, your audience feels a refreshing sense of realness. They feel your presence, your spontaneity, and your willingness to embrace a more natural way of speaking.

The less you think, the more you feel.

When you let go of thinking, your mind is freed up to notice the subtler details within you. You are tuned into your mood, your energy, and your original intention. You focus more on sharing your truth through emotion. You speak less from the head, and more from the heart. You connect.
By focusing less on the mind, you focus more on the audience. You sense their energy, you notice their reactions, and you relax into a more conversational atmosphere. You are more willing to be vulnerable, to share personal stories. You allow yourself to pause and breathe.
Worry, doubt, and insecurity disappear.  You are left embracing your most authentic, insightful version of you. You ditch your “public speaking persona” and show up as yourself. You speak normally. Suddenly public speaking becomes no different than what you do every single day of our lives. And with that, you feel intense freedom.

Presence is the ultimate form of preparation.

You can never truly prepare. You don’t have control over what people think and you can’t predict what people will say. You can spend your time preparing for as many scenarios as possible, or you can loosen your grip on the future and focus on your ability to stay present.
At Ultraspeaking, we believe that our best ideas come in the moment. We’ve seen thousands of people perform better when they ditch their script, throw away their notes, and speak on-the-spot. When given the freedom to let go of preparation, people come alive.
Presence is the ultimate idea generator. You let go of thinking and gain VIP access to a swirling pool of creativity, spontaneity, and inspiration. You see new connections appear out of nowhere, and you are taken to places you’ve never fully explored.
You go for the ride and feel exhilarated by your own discoveries. When you finish, you look back on your preparation and see that you skipped a few points and forgot a few details, yet the result was far better.  Your heart helped your brain drop the less salient to focus on the best parts. Through this process of presence, you are authentic, and you connect.

January 27, 2022

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