What Makes Us Different

What makes us different

“Did I ever tell you why I picked you and not the other coaches?”

Matthew, the managing partner of a large debt and equity fund, had been working with us for 4 weeks.

He is smarter than I am. He may even be smarter than you are. It’s utterly fascinating to watch his brain work. Lightning fast and razor sharp, it’s like being around a problem solving Ferrari.

When Matthew speaks, all the correct information is there. It’s logical, rational, and to-the-point.

But Matthew hates speaking to audiences he doesn’t know well. He feels tremendous tension and unease. He rushes through his content, even when he knows it inside out. When he’s holding a microphone, it makes things exponentially worse.

All he wants is to get off the hot seat.

Thankfully, he understands the value of coaching to achieve peak performance, so he had his assistant reach out to the top speaking coaches in LA, UltraSpeaking included.

When we met with Matthew for the first time, he shared what he wanted:

“I want to become a better speaker. I want to have better vocal variety. I want to look more confident when I’m speaking.”

He wanted help for a key event he had coming up.

Matthew chose to work with us, and one month into our coaching, he said:

– “Did I ever tell you why I picked you and not the other coaches?”

– “No. Why?”

– “All the other coaches wanted was to focus on building a great speech for my event. The plan was to craft the content, then work on delivery. Their theory was that if I nailed this speech, I would become a better speaker as a result.”

– “So why did you pick us?”

– “Well, you had the opposite approach. You said we’d ONLY focus on helping me FEEL GOOD speaking.

Your theory was that the moment I’d start feeling good, most of my speaking issues would simply fade away.

It made a lot more sense to me, and it also sounded like much more fun.”

Most people know what they want, but not what they need.

Sadly, many coaches give their clients what they say they want, instead what they actually need.

But what’s the point of looking like a great speaker if you feel horrible inside?

And what if I told you that if you spend your time learning tips on how to improve your skills as a speaker when you don’t feel good speaking, your problem will only get worse.

Don’t get me wrong, we love sharing tips, tweaks, and techniques to improve your skills as a speaker, but we only do it once we’ve tackled what we believe to be the most important piece of the speaking puzzle:

Getting you to feel great speaking.